Tuesday, 6 November 2012

on cog fog...

I've just read an article on cognitive problems in MS. I think cog fog, for me, is an issue I struggle with. I think I've already mentioned that it's probably hard for friends and family to see this problem, and consequently to really understand it, as I have always been a bit on the ditzy side!
so I've put a link to this article at the bottom of the blog, and I want you, the reader (and therefore quite likely to know me) to bear in mind that this article really resonated with me in many ways.
I have also been struggling with the emotional aspect of the disease, with reactive depression (ooh! Now I have a word for it!) being something that really hits me sometimes. It is sort of a comfort to know that it's as much a symptom as fuzzy legs and forgetfulness, not just me being a mardy-arse, but generally not at the time that I'm feeling it...in the same way that knowing you have PMT does not make you feel any less angry/sad/psychotic!...and reactive depression is triggered by things which are real and probably quite challenging anyway. But I know, in myself, that I am generally quite a positive thinking person, and to be bogged down with things isn't generally my style!
So this leaves me with a thought that there must be coping strategies I can use to chase the blues away.....so back to researching all there is to be gleaned on the internet about helping myself out of any mires I find myself stuck in.

This disease surely keeps you on your toes!

cognitive problems in MS