Sunday, 3 April 2011

look at me I'm dancing!!

another milestone! - I was playing a gig list night, at a masked ball. Had a great gig, but that's digressing from this thread!..the point is that afterwards there was bouncy music, and without realising, I found myself on the dance floor pulling shapes! - I did actually come out with something like "look I'm dancing!" . Naturally I thoroughly overdid it and danced the night away. I had an hour and a half drive before I could get horizontal, which I was acutely aware of and trying my best to respect, but I was overcome with the joy of legs, so not much chance of taking it easy. The DJ was no blinking help either. I did have a couple of valiant stabs at sitting down, but then he'd stick on some juicy tune that I couldn't resist (will power is not on my top list of virtues!). I knew that my night of wild and loony dancing would have to be paid for today, but there was no question that it was worth paying the price...yes, my legs are knackered today, but my heart is still bursting with the simple joy of having it in me to dance again!...that means more to me than I thought; I was welling up (ok - spilling over a little) just recounting that!

dance while you can...


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