Wednesday, 15 June 2011


it's been nearly 5 months since the beginning of this relapse. I'm gradually coming to the conclusion that I might have healed as much as I'm going to...that thought makes me feel depressed, so I can only visit it for short bursts...after all, I might yet get through this unscathed, but the longer it goes on, the more I feel like I'm crossing the line between positive thinking and denial!
Currently, my body is aching most of the time, probably because I'm demanding it does more and carries on regardless...but I do think I've got to use it or lose it, so I'll be damned if I'm going to just wait in bed til the relapse passes!...well not all of the time!
I've been given the all clear by the physiotherapist, with exercises to do...which I'm trying to keep up! I have my first meeting with the MS nurse on Friday..happy days!..I'm looking forward to this..I kind of don't need them as much as I have done over these last 5 months, but actually, at the tail end of the relapse, it might be a good time for a fresh outlook...


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