Tuesday, 28 April 2015

An altered book...

It's been quite a challenge, to remould  aspects of my life to accommodate for my seismic shift in physicality. I know, I can still walk, and I look really well (ironically, due to my lifestyle corrections!), but the truth is that I am now unable to really do the jobs I'm qualified/experienced in. This is old news, I've been living with that fact for a few years now, and to be honest I've been floundering with my rudderless career, struggling to work out what the hell I'm going to do to earn my crust....anyway, like I say, that's all old news, which I've probably moaned about in previous blogs. Rather, this blog is about a shift in a different direction, a more sedentary affair, that if I can get any good at then you never know, perhaps it might earn some money in the long run...I have recently found out that because I work part time for my local university, all their Lifelong Learning courses are available to me for free! So, of course, my first reaction to this news was to sign up for three classes, with an eye on another as well! I probably should have researched this a little more, it was only half way through my "seaweed illustration" course that I realised I have a month to submit a portfolio, which you have to do, or you don't get any more freebie course! Actually I'm glad I didn't know that before cos I might have chickened out!

  So, I've already done the seaweed course, that was at the weekend (it was great!), and this week I'm starting "botanical illustration", and I've also signed up for a weekend residential course in "altered books", and I'm seriously considering the print making course (though I've hesitated on this one as the brochure actually points out that you have to climb steep stairs to get to the studio!). So at the moment I feel like I have embarked on a magical mystery tour of creativity, letting the wind blow me in whatever direction it will (subject to freebie course availability!)...maybe if I get any good at any of my endeavours I'll post some of my efforts to brighten an otherwise dull looking blog! I feel really positive about this, just doing new things feels refreshing and healthy.


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