Thursday, 3 March 2011

testing times

my Baclofen tablets (anti spaz tabs) ran out just over 24 hours ago. I have a fresh supply, but I plan to take a holiday from them. So far, my legs are still attached and working. Stiffer than yesterday, but bearable so far - though I've not been further than the kitchen yet! Today is quite a testing day on my legs. I need to walk the dog before work, then I have a four hour block of lectures to sit through, and then a walk up the hill to meet no. 1 son to take him for dinner. oh and it's referendum day today, so I guess a trip to the polling station too, after work.
I asked the doctor yesterday if there had been any progress in getting to see a neurologist or an MS nurse.There hasn't been so much as an acknowledgement slip in over a month since my GP wrote and requested an appointment. He said the system was really bad, and the waiting list for a neurologist is very long. I thought six months with no contact was already quite a long time! So he wrote another's not in my nature to nag people and be a thorn in people's sides, but I've been told it's the only way to actually get noticed by the NHS...we'll see! I can't help suspecting that if I was in the affluent South, I would be on first name terms with my neurologist by now!

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