Thursday, 14 July 2011

no chocolate...ever

I found this website yesterday...against the advice of my MS nurse who said I should only look at the MS Society and the MS Trust websites...

from what I've seen so far, it seems to be quite well presented. I am so far impressed that they are at least trying to find scientific evidence for the things they say. It is very much based on dietary changes, which is what I'm most interested in at the moment. It just seem to make a lot of sense. The downside is it suggests even more restrictions to my diet... no coconut milk or chocolate (although I can still use cocoa in cooking so not too devastating), only egg whites are allowed, avoidance of cooked fats -so no deep fried stuff. It's all good healthy changes that everyone should consider, made all the easier with the thought that it might help reduce the occurrence/severity of relapses. Another thing I'm going to try to change is I want to start taking fish oil capsules. I haven't quite go my head round what dose to go for yet, but this website recommends quite a huge dose. They say to stick with fish oil for a time, then flax seed oil can substitute for the fish oil once your system is well greased with the right lubricant! Basically it's to do with leaky membranes and fats that stay hard at body temperature. I think I need to reread the science bit to really understand it, but it resonated as I read it yesterday. It also recommends exercise, meditation and regular sunshine.
It feels like a really positive step to take - something I can take control of and usefully DO something about...

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