Saturday, 30 July 2011

Still keeping up with the diet change. I have started to really crave oily fish. I think I've eaten that much fish recently that my body has adapted to recognising it as my main source of protein and triggered my fishy cravings. At the moment, my staple diet is breakfast of soya yoghurt with a piece of fruit cut into it, and around 15g milled linseeds and a few sunflower seeds. For tea, I've been having quite a lot of polenta, with dry-griddled oily fish with a fresh picked garden salad. I'm still experimenting with snacks - today I am going to cook a plum cobbler! We were given a box (about 5lbs) of damsons, and the natural response was to make crumble...d'uh! ...can't make crumble without fat! I did some research and have found a recipe which is both vegan and fat free...BINGO! plum cobbler! - so I carefully de-stoned nearly the lot of them whilst watching a film last night, and now have go over the most laborious part of making a plum pudding! We also experimented yesterday with homemade sushi, though my son was the only one who wanted to try the raw fish - he liked it though. We stuck with vegetables and cooked prawns! It got me thinking though, we have a sushi bar in our nearest town, and I think that sushi is pretty much based around stuff I can eat (if I avoid stuff like tempurah etc)...hmmm ...maybe I shall go there for my birthday (it's a whole month away, but you've got to allow time to plan such things!)

Cooking aside, I've had this creeping feeling of isolation recently. I think I need to do something about it before it becomes a real problem. I've found myself in a social doldrum..I think it's partly that I get fatigued so quickly that I've shied away from going places where it's mostly dancing. It seems a bit pointless going unless you want to dance cos you can't usually hold a conversation unless you want to shout, which I don't! And then there's the fact that I'd probably have to stay sober and drive home which puts me off - I still feel like I could end up stuck somewhere because my legs are too tired to drive.
I need to resolve to get out more, but to be honest, I'm just so tired, I barely get through the things I have to do. So my plan is to finish decorating my kitchen and start inviting some of the friends who seem to have drifted out of my reach to come to tea...


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