Wednesday, 13 February 2013

flu-proof cavewoman!

I've been pretty well over the last few months. I've been fighting back the flu, which seems to be all around me, but perhaps it's a beast my T Cells remember, cos I've just had a very small version of it (sniffles, headaches, wheeziness)...thankfully! I decided against the flu vaccine this year, although I'm on the "at risk" list of people who get invited to get jabbed. The  more I have educated myself about pharmaceutical drugs, the less I have been willing to subject my already messed up system. I'm not completely anti-medication, sure some of it saves lives and brings quality of life for many people. But for some people, myself included, the whole regime of synthetic drugs and heavily processed food seem to have unpredictable, and unwelcome side effects. I sometimes think that my cave-woman's body just can't run on 21st century fuel - it breaks down! I am still working on resolving a 21st century palette with an obsolete digestive system built for eating fish, nuts and berries!

  I had my annual neuro MOT a week or so ago. I just got the written report in the post today. I have gained a point on my disability scale! I think that is just due to the fact that I use a stick for walking, as I'm not much different to last year was a bit sobering though when I inevitably looked up what the numbers mean. I am now 2 points away from being wheelchair bound! That sounds quite serious when you look at it like that! - I still have issues with describing myself as disabled. But hopefully my extra point might mean I can get hold of a precious blue badge, and save my poor legs!

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