Friday, 9 March 2012

having my fat-free cake and eating it....

Spring is starting to spring and there are twitches and shivers of life wherever you look right now. Our garden looks like a bomb has hit it, with bits of felled tree wherever you look! We've been hacking down a couple of very overgrown hazels and an even bigger ash tree, and now we have sunlight!...well theoretically, should it make an appearance at any point!
I'm feeling pretty good physically - legs still made of lead quite a lot of the time, but I do think I still sometimes notice them getting ever so slightly better (when I'm having a good day!).
I've started back on swimming,trying to do it weekly. So far I'm up to 30 lengths of the pool (it's 20m long I think). I'm learning to do proper head-under-the-water breast stroke,I'm starting to really get the hang of it - I've always done the middle aged lady style of breast stroke where you doggedly keep your head out of water at all times and end up with a crippling neck ache!
I'm still keeping to the diet - I haven't yet cheated on it, which is a bleeding marvel. If you know me you might have some idea of my will-power skills and track-record! But I think now you'd be surprised...I have developed self-discipline!...really! I'm actually pretty chuffed with myself about this, and I've lost over 1 1/2 stone in weight for my efforts! My family I think have also benefited from a general raising of the dietary levels. My son (bless his big cotton socks!) has taken up the challenge of making the perfect fat-free jelinek friendly cake, as he says he doesn't consider a pudding a treat unless we can all take part!...what a star!! and he has pretty much cracked it I believe - we had a hot sticky chocolate pudding with custard today made using his recipe, and it was superb. Made only using flour, sugar, milk, vanilla & cocoa powder - pure heaven! I promise I will post the recipe for this soon - he is finalising the amounts so that he can write down a definitive and easy to follow recipe...and I'll try to hold one back long enough from the hungry family/raptors long enough to take a picture (as they really look the part too!)

Off on a tangent, I sent a photo of myself into "The Face of MS", a monthly slideshow of people with MS. I saw it last month, and despite the cheese-fest music that went with it, I found it nourishing and empowering to see so many vibrant, proud and happy people, all at some random and diverse moment in their lives. So when I saw a call for photos for the next month's compilation, I was moved to join in, I too feel like I'm still on a forward trajectory in my life, with so much to look forward to and feel enthusiasm for, and I felt compelled to stand up and be counted... my silly mugshot is at around 3:12...

off on another tangent...just thought I'd mention..the previous two blogs were written about a month ago but I forgot to post that's why I'm going on about Imbolc having just been, in March!!


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