Friday, 9 March 2012

the sap is rising...

It was Imbolc the other day..the beginning of spring. It's as cold as hell outside tonight (supposed to be about -3C), but today was beautiful and sunny,so I scrapped all my plans of going into town and decided to get out and garden. It was hard work, but I was sensible and dragged a chair out from the greenhouse and put it in a rare and precious patch of sunshine, and periodically had stops to sit and enjoy the sun (god, I feel like my nan!)
I got the first new veg bed marked out and excavated the old compost heap, which included a nylon carpet base (d'uh!...deeply buried in fine compost and some tenacious weed roots. The dog was quite helpful in the digging (got to love terriers!), but still, it was knackering, but so satisfying.
A year ago, I was absolutely floored, barely able to walk... one of the overriding things that went round my head was "as soon as my legs are well again I'm going to do all the jobs I've been putting off round the house and garden"...


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