Saturday, 14 April 2012

walking on hot coals

My brave and magnificent husband is going to do a sponsored fire-walk in Swansea in a week or so's time. He is raising money for the MS Society...he's done amazingly well at getting money off of people. I'm stunned at people's generosity.

I think he'll probably be able to take on the world after this! Wouldn't you, after doing it, when faced with something moderately scary, just think "I've walked across hot coals, this is nothing!"?

There is no way I'd do it, not with my heat/cold intolerant feet. They'd probably get spazzy half way and refuse to cooperate!... I say that to myself, but if I chose to tell myself I'd be fine then I'm sure I would be fine, but I'm not sure I could shake that fear off sufficiently to go for it.
I think it was during a conversation along these lines one tipsy night a month or so ago that he said he'd be up for doing it...and was still up for it the next day!

I think it is completely heroic and utterly amazing that he's doing far as I'm concerned he's doing it all for champion!


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  1. I dont really have much to say, just wanted you to know I've read your last few (and next) entries. Sending mucho love to you all xx