Wednesday, 9 February 2011

belly dance therapy!

I am very excited about starting belly dancing again. I had a thought that belly dancing should be therapeutic for my condition right now, as well as a way to gently exercise my body and regain some degree of balance and body awareness. Well, I looked into it on the web, and it seems it's tried and tested and seems to work well...

..I do believe that we instinctively know what's best for us if we listen carefully to ourselves. I had decided to up my oily fish intake on a hunch, and have since read that omega 3 acids are an important part of an ms "sufferer's" diet. I use the quotation marks as I'm still deciding how I choose to define myself, but you can be assured, "sufferer" will not appear in the title! That is a decision we are all free to make. I am inspired and encouraged by the words of my elderly grandma who, on experiencing an odd spots-before-the-eyes episode, instead of worrying about her inevitable decline, merely remarked how interesting it was as it was an experience she had never had before!'ve got to love my nan!

Another website that I found had ms specific gifts, with exactly the teeshirt I said I needed whilst stumbling along a public place the other day...

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