Sunday, 13 February 2011

the feeling of feet

I think I've turned a corner of the relapse I've been experiencing in the last couple of days. My legs have started to come back a little here and there. Last night, however, I overdid it a bit. I went to the theatre, and lasted, only just, until the interval. My legs were so cramped up I could barely walk up the stairs to get out of the auditorium. That doesn't sound a whole lot better, I guess! I decided to not go back in for the second half. Though the play was good, I had really spent the best part of it hoping each scene was the last, and nearly crying with relief when the lights went up!
We were off to a friend's party after the play. The plan was to catch the bus and then walk the last kilometre to the house...what had I been thinking? By the time I escaped the theatre, the thought of a long walk in the cold and dark to find a house in a country lane that I'd never been to was daunting! Luckily, because I had left the theatre an hour early, I was just in time to catch a lift with a friend (with a small, but hugely appreciated detour to come and fetch us!) The rest of the night was lovely, but was spread over three floors which I found hugely knackering, so I didn't mingle as much as I might have done. But despite that, and the lack of alcohol due to the meds, I was still up chatting 'til about 7am!...I never expected to last that long!
I met a nice bloke who I thought was very inspiring. He only had one leg, and chose not to use a prosthetic limb. He said it slowed him down, especially at parties and outdoors etc, where the terrain is not flat. He was much more agile than me!, nimbly hopping over obstacles where I would need to clutch things/people to steady myself. He was telling me that, although it's been many years since he lost his leg, his body still occasionally forgets it's not there and causes him to fall after trying to use it. Well it struck me that I am labouring with the opposite conditions: I have perfectly working feet which I can't feel, and the irony wasn't lost on me of who was coping better!


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