Saturday, 14 January 2012

raisin hell!

they sneak oil into raisins and they don't even tell you about it.....aaaaaargh!
I usually buy raisins from my health food shop. The ingredients are listed (in order of highest quantity first).. "raisins". Nothing else. This is a good thing, fat-free, sweet and nutritious, what's not to like about raisins?

Well, hidden oil content, as it turns out! Often it's palm oil too (forbidden fruits for me)...

I was in the local supermarket, getting some supermarkety things. We'd run out of raisins, so rather than getting them from the health food shop, I grabbed a packet off the shelf. Because I was in "supermarket mode" at the time, I flipped over the packet and read the ingredients..."raisins, vegetable oil"! Glad that I'd bothered to check, I put the packet back and looked at another type - same thing, then another...all of the packets of raisins, sultanas and currants had oil listed as an ingredient, sometimes specifying it as palm oil!
I asked at the health food shop and they couldn't even tell me about the raisins they were selling (gave me the "nutter alert - let's just smile sweetly at her" look).

This has really got me ruffled, it has implications for many foods I can still have! - such as my beloved Spiced Apple Crimble cake!
So far, I've trawled the iternet, and all I can find, in terms of suppliers, is in USA (there's a surprise!)I also found a recipe for making your own raisins in a dehydrator (which I don't own).

This is very depressing...and it's so far the biggest challenge to my resolve to stick to my diet in a kosher way. It's much harder to avoid raisins than resist something delicious like chocolate! All the "healthy" stuff you can buy, all the sugar free desserts!


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