Thursday, 26 January 2012

stay off of the gravy train

I just read that the MS gravy train is worth over $8 billion a year to the pharmaceutical industry! 8 billion dollars to make a bunch of people more comfortable, but not better! I really don't see them coming up with an effective cure any time in the near future!!

It doubles my resolve to do everything in MY power to stay well, and reinforces my choice to stay away from the drugs. It also pleases me to know I'm doing my tiny little bit to not line their overstuffed pockets any more than they are already. It galls me that one day I might end up desperate enough to say yes to them. I'm not saying it would be weak of me if I choose the drugs in the future, for example,if I was in pain I'd probably take any damn thing to make it stop. But I'll not dwell on that. I'm not in pain.

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